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Portuguese course - Learn Portuguese in 1 month!

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  • Portuguese course - Learn Portuguese in 1 month!
  • Portuguese course - Learn Portuguese in 1 month!
  • Portuguese course - Learn Portuguese in 1 month!
  • Portuguese course - Learn Portuguese in 1 month!

General and Academic Program
                                                      Achieve Portuguese fluency. Reach your personal and academic goals.
                 General Portuguese-Brazilian
Improve your Portuguese by focusing on the skills you will need to communicate well in everyday business and social settings. Classes focus on listening and speaking skills as well as vocabulary development and language structure. In Masters Levels, students take one Skills Enhancement Class in the morning. Afternoon classes are dedicated to Skills Enhancement Classes in every level. General Portuguese learning program 
that develop listening, speaking, reading, and pronunciation skills.
Grammar program that explain important concepts in many different, easy-to-understand formats.

Advanced listening program that are based on real university lectures and presentations.

Pronunciation program for practice in individual sounds, intonation, and stress.
Business Portuguese program with authentic content from current business publications and practice scenarios.
Internet research capability for classroom projects and research papers.
Pre-Arrival Test: Understand where you are with your Portuguese proficiency---We need to find out which level you might place in.

                      Key Language Skills:
Speaking, Listening, Pronunciation, Vocabulary, Reading & Writing

                      Applied Learning:
Students practice conversation and speaking skills using practical, real-world Portuguese. They learn to write with accuracy 
and effectiveness, develop strategic listening skills and improve their use of grammar.
                       Skill Enhancement Classes:
Allow students to customize the program to suit their individual interests. Sample classes: Idioms, Film, Current Events, and Culture.
Contact Brazil! Provides students with the opportunity to meet Brazilians, visit and observe university courses, listen to guest lecturers 
and participate in local excursions.
                        Other Resources
Instructor will supervise student learning and assist with questions. You will have the chance to work on those aspects of 
your Portuguese skills which require the most attention, such as vocabulary development, reading and listening comprehension, and pronunciation.
                          Sample Class Schedule
7:00 – 9:30- Structure/Speaking Practice
9:30 -10:00 - Interval
10:00 – 12:30 - Vocabulary Enrichment
12:30 p.m - 2:30  p.m - LUNCH
2:30  p. m– 4:20  p. m - Skill Enhancement Class
4:30 p.m  - Return to hotel

                            Additional Information
* Insurance from U.S Companies (Student´s responsibility)
* Airfare tickets (Round trip) From U.S to Belo Horizonte-MG(student´s responsibility)

-   Round-trip airport transportation service (from the regular serviced airports for the selected hotel and classroom )
-  Tuition Cost 
-  Airport Pick up
-  Hotel & accommodation -breakfast (30 days)

- Total Cost of the program: US$4,200 - Installment by Credit Card accepted 

* Student´s responsibility

If you have any question, please fill out the form or call us for more information at: (315) 544-0515

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Publicado em: 23/03/2021

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