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How it works

            This is the only website created so that Brazilian companies and independent professionals in Brazil and in the USA can present themselves to foreign importers and tourists interested in Brazilian products and services.

With globalization, more and more companies and people are crossing borders to conquer new markets, do business, study and work.

              However, even without trade barriers, cultural and linguistic differences remain. Hence the importance of a professional who knows a language and its culture deeply so that translation and information respect these differences and keeps the original meaning.

We know that the needs are peculiar to each of our clients and that is why we have the vast experience and experience in the USA of the Translator and Commercial Interpreter Ronald Germano Silva (, in which all types of documents, text and e-mail will be translated if both parties need.

              Some advertisements of Brazilian companies and self-employed professionals may be in the Portuguese language itself, but what the importers will have to look at are the categories that are in English and the photos will also give a better knowledge of the products and services, that is, the importer and tourist foreigners will be better able to know in which city to invest.

              Brazilian companies and self-employed professionals within the national territory will be able to sell and exchange products among themselves. Brazilian companies in the USA will also be able to meet Brazilian companies in Brazil and vice versa.

              Come be part of this list with the best cost benefit for your company!